SURE-TRAC, LLC are providers of full service GPS tracking and installation programs allowing Credit Unions, Finance Companies, and other Lending Institutions the ability to grow their auto lending portfolios, lend to a wider range of borrower, increase profits with high rate lending, and strengthen consumer relations all while having the confidence in knowing their collateral is secure.

We are also proud to offer a new program called CU Lending Edge (CULE) which provides a new and powerful, collaborative, automated lending solution to credit unions wanting to build and to maintain quality loan volume. CULE is an automated, aggregated lender loan decisioning and member capture platform designed unlike any existing system in the marketplace. The CULE software is provided in a completely turnkey ASP [Application Service Provider] model, so no internal operational or IT resources are required to implement the program. Overall, the CULE system is focused on increasing loan capture of existing as well as potential members from the point-of-purchase marketplace, and maintaining quality loan volume for lenders.


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