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LEVERAGE Partners with PassTime GPS as its preferred GPS vendor

PassTime GPS LEVERAGE Preferred Vendor

BIRMINGHAM, AL/TALLAHASSEE, FL, Jan. 6, 2017 – LEVERAGE, the service corporation of the League of Southeastern Credit Unions & Affiliates (LSCU), which equips credit union partners with products and services to fulfill day-to-day needs, announced today that it has named PassTime GPS as its preferred GPS provider. PassTime is the industry leader in high-tech GPS tracking and automated collection technology solutions for auto financing.

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Press Release | PassTime Introduces Full Service Installation Program

LITTLETON, CO – May 24, 2016 PassTime, an industry leader in GPS Tracking Solutions, introduced today, SurePass Installation Solutions, a full service installation program for its GPS and Telematics solutions.  The installation program will offer three levels of service and will be available in conjunction with PassTime products as well as a stand-alone offering.  The nationwide program will give customers access to hundreds of certified installers for mobile, on-site and fixed location options. 
................."In order to deliver PassTime's SurePass Installation Solutions, PassTime has acquired an equity stake in Sure-Trac, LLC. "We're excited about the recent equity position acquired by PassTime and what our combined products and services will bring to the industry", said David Wonner, President/CEO of Sure-Trac, LLC."
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